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1 September, 2020 Update

We hope you are well and and staying healthy in these challenging times.
Because the Club has been closed this year, our last newsletter was in May. However, several emails to update you about the club have been sent out since then. Also, Board meeting minutes with lots of details about the club have been regularly posted on the Club website.
As the Club will remain closed until next spring, the final newsletter for this year has been sent. However, if there is any further information for members, it will be sent out via email, and will also be posted here.


Board Positions


Phil Parsons resigned as Immediate Past President.
Jim Hartley resigned as Vice-President Croquet.
The Board thanks Phil and Jim for their service on the Board and to the Club.


In accordance with Section 11 of the Constitution the Board has made the following appointments:

Frank Eng – Immediate Past President
Tricia Lamb – Vice-President Croquet

Update on work being done at the Club

As you are aware the decision was made to not operate the Club this season so that the City could carry out much needed repair work on the greens and the sprinkler system. Most of the information below on the greens and the sprinkler system has already been made available through the Board meeting minutes posted on the website.

Sprinkler System

Initially, we were told the sprinkler system needed to be replaced. This required letting a tender for the work to be done and would have entailed considerable digging around the edges of the greens. Subsequently, several sprinkler heads were identified as not operating properly. They were repaired and worked properly for a period. We have been told that they are no longer working. It is now believed that the problem lies with the electrical connection to them. We have been told that dealing with this issue will require a tender for repair work and digging around the greens in the area of the affected sprinkler heads. The City will keep us advised of their plans.


In particular, the West Green was in very bad shape, and the City agreed that it needed remediation.

The City took over the cutting of the greens from our greenskeeper in mid-June and started on a programme of recovery cutting to help strengthen the grass. They have now completed aeration, over-seeding, fertilizing and and weed control on both greens.

Also, they have been monitoring the greens for grubs and will decide in the fall if a grub treatment is necessary.


There are several areas of the boards that have collapsed and are tripping/ safety hazards. The City has agreed to repair those areas as a minimum and will attempt to replace all the outer boards on both greens. However, they may not be able to do this due to the scope of the work, but will do as much as possible.

Ramp to the Clubhouse Porch.

They City noted that the ramp was not to code and must be replaced. Because of the available space we may only have a ramp to the porch – no stairs.

Clubhouse Exterior

The exterior of the clubhouse has been painted. You might notice that the wire screens on the outside windows are now a chocolate brown not the old dark green!

Change Rooms

The leaking sink in the Women’s Locker room will be removed.
The urinals in the Men’s washroom will be replaced/repaired.

Kitchen Area

The City noted that the installation of the stove is not to code. Accordingly, the City will be providing us with a new kitchen with the stove located so the hood fan can be properly vented. The center island will be replaced as the shelves in it have collapsed. The new one will probably be a bit smaller. They may give us extra counter space and cupboards running around to the right as you are facing the sink.

This work will probably be done over the fall/winter.

“Capital Projects”

In discussion with City staff, they advised that the upper limit for all maintenance is $50,000. If a project exceeds that amount, it is classed as a capital project which needs to be funded through the City’s capital budget plan.

This means that some of the work that we would like to have done such as leveling of the East Green, fixing the leak in the Croquet Equipment room, leveling all the walkway paving stones, replacing the carpet on the porch are not maintenance work but capital projects. New shelters for the West green will also be a capital project.

As a result, the Board has started a capital plan wish-list for the Club. The list will be prioritized and submitted to the City in due course for consideration.

 Illegal use of the Greens

We have received reports of people playing croquet on the greens.

Members are not allowed at the club or on the grounds!

Anyone found at the club is could be subject to By-Law fine of up to $5000.

Worse, this might jeopardize the Club getting our permit for next year.

Even worse, using the greens now that they have been seeded will ruin the new grass. If the grass does not take properly this season it will have to be done again next year. If the grass has to be re-done next year we could could miss a large chunk of the 2021 playing season as a result.

Please don’t ruin next year’s season.
Stay off the greens and let the grass grow


June 20th- 2020 Season Club Status Update

The Club is closed for the 2020 season

As you know, our greens have severely deteriorated in recent years. Fortunately, the City has now decided to address this by replacing our irrigation system and repairing both greens.

Replacing the irrigation system will take 4 to 6 weeks, and repairing the greens another 6 to 8 weeks.  As the greens will not be available during this time, the City has not issued the Club a permit for the 2020 season.

Therefore, the Club will be closed for the entire 2020 season.

Members are not permitted to be at the Club for any reason.

Going to the Club when we do not have a permit could put our future permits at risk, as well as make you personally liable for By-Law violations and fines of up to $5,000.

While this may be disappointing, due to the COVID-19 restrictions on how the Club must operate, this is the ideal season to have these necessary repairs done.

The Board – Lawrence Park Lawn Bowling & Croquet Club


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