COVID Phase 3 – Re-Opening
Lawrence Park Lawn Bowling & Croquet Club Operating Rules

As of Saturday Saturday July 30th, 2021.

The Club can have a maximum of 40 people on the grounds at anyone time.

Visitors and guests are permitted at the club. They count towards the Club’s maximum number count.

There is no longer a requirement to book a playing time slot.  You may show up and play on a first come first play basis on any day at any time subject to the maximum numbers limit.

EVERYONE must sign the register book and provide the required details. This is a Health Authority contact tracing requirement. It is also a requirement for the OLBA and CROCAN liability insurance coverage.

Signing the register will confirm that the COVID self-screening has been done and that there are no symptoms.

Visitors will also be confirming that they have read and agreed to the Club’s Liability waiver.

Masks are not required outdoors as long as the 2-meter physical distancing is maintained. If outdoors and the 2-meter distance can not be maintained then a mask must be worn.

Mask must be worn in any of the Washrooms, locker rooms and equipment sheds/rooms.

The club house will be open, but only for the following purposes:

  1. To sign the register book
  2. To get or return lawn bowls
  3. To access the medical Supplies
  4. To get and return the keys for the sheds

There will be no Saturday lunch BBQ. You may bring your own food and drink but must take all your waste with you when you leave the club. Do not share your snacks with others.

Outdoor benches and tables may be used but physical distancing must be maintained.

Locker rooms and washrooms will be open.  A maximum of two people at one time are allowed in the locker room and one person allowed in the washroom. Masks must be worn when in these spaces.

Equipment rooms/shed will be open and club equipment can be used subject to the protocols noted in the Specific Guidance for Lawn Bowling and Croquet. Masks must be worn when in these spaces. A maximum of one person can be in the equipment room/shed at one time and masks must be worn.

Equipment may be stored at the club in the locker rooms or the equipment shed/rooms.

The Club will be welcoming new members. Instruction can be given to them as long as the 2 meter social distancing requirement is maintained.