COVID Specific Guidance for Lawn Bowling

Phase Three COVID Re-opening
COVID Specific Guidance for Lawn Bowling

This guidance has been provided by BOWLS Canada and the OLBA

Games can be singles, pairs, triples, or fours as long as physical distancing can be maintained.

Skips should not visit the head.

The “matt” should be set at the 3-meter mark instead of the 2-metre mark to allow for adequate space behind the head to maintain physical distancing.
Note: Club matts are not to be used. Each player should use their own towel that they bring with them.

The jack is to be pre-set by the skip at the 3-meter mark. Two jacks can be used, one at each end. In this way the leads would never touch the jack.

Skips should center the jack with their foot or lifter so they do not touch the jack with their hands. Consider designating one skip to set/centre the jack for the entire game, regardless of who won the end. In this way, only one skip would ever touch the jack.

At the start of each end, each team’s bowls should be placed on opposite sides of the rink, behind the mat.

Rakes can be used but must be handled only by one person throughout the game.

Players at the mat end, when not in possession of the rink, should stand at least two metres behind the mat and on the side where their bowls are, maintaining a safe physical distance from other bowlers.

When changing ends, players should walk up the right-hand side of the green, near the boundary line, while keeping a safe distance apart.

Bowlers should use their own set of bowls. If players bring their own personal equipment (e.g. bowls lifters, cloths, gripping agent) these must not be shared with any other bowlers.


Use of Club Lawn Bowls Equipment

Only the listed club equipment may be used subject to the following protocols:


The player using them must sanitize them before use and when putting them away.


Designate one person to use the rake for each game. That person is to sanitize it before using it for the first time and at the end of the game and/or when putting it away.


Designate one person to get the jack(s). They are to be sanitized before being put into use and after the game or when being it way. Once put it into play, jacks should only be moved by a designated person using their feet.