The Club usually opens for play the second week of May continuing until mid or late October.  The exact date the season ends depends on when the city aerates the greens.

The greens are the same as a golf green, Therefore, you need to wear footwear that won’t damage them.  Footwear with relatively flat soles is all that is required.

Please contact us for more information. Membership Information 

It is extremely easy to learn to play both sports.  With about 15 minutes of instruction we can have you lawn bowling or playing a game of Golf Croquet. We offer Lawn Bowling coaching, and Croquet clinics and coaching for people who want to improve their game.

Joining the club is easy. Just go to the membership page , download the the forms, fill them out and return them to the Club with your payment.  Or you can come by the club and talk to us there.  If you have questions about membership you can contact us by clicking the button.

Membership Information

No.  White clothing is not required to play at the club.  Ragged cut-off shorts and blue jeans are not permitted to be worn.  See the FAQ on foot wear about what kind of shoes you need to wear.

No. The Club has mallets and bowls that you can use. If you join you can use the them free for your first year. After that you pay a $20/year fee to be able to use the equipment.

Certainly. We encourage people to come and try out the sports before deciding to join.  You can come up to three times before you have to decide if you want to join.  The times to come to visit us are Thursday evening at 7 PM and Saturday after 10 AM.