Golf Croquet Clinics

Golf Croquet Clinics will be held every Tuesday for 4 weeks starting on Tuesday, June 7th at 7 PM.  

They are designed to  help beginners learn the game and develop their skills and for more advanced players to get better.

If there is enough interest, consideration will be give to running some or all of the again.

If you are interested in attending please use the button below to register so we know how many people will be attending. 

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Clinic Outline

Click this link to get the 2022 Clinics Outline

Clinic 1

Grip, Stance, Swing
Stalking the ball
Straight on hoop running

Rule 5 – The Start – Rule 5.1 Order of Play
Rule 7 – Scoring/Running Hoops/ Hoop Contested or Run Out of Order
Rule 8 – Offside Balls & Rule 17 Penalty Area

Hoop approach shots – the long and the short of it.
The Angle of Makeability.
Getting in and out of the Jaws of a hoop
Conceding a hoop

Clinic 2

Stop Shots
Short Take Out shots – ie less than 6 feet
Wick off and through the hoop
Angled Hoop shots

Rule 10 – Playing a Wrong Ball

Blocking versus hitting.
Do you hit the opponent or not
Where to go when you want to go halfway
Clearing an opponent away from the hoop

Clinic 3

Cut Shots
Long Take out shots – 6 feet or longer
Close hoop shots
Take out shots with a ball in or close to the hoop

Rule 11 Faults
The dreaded double tap!

Where to position and why
Positioning 2 balls for the hoop
Which opponents’ ball to hit – gaining and keeping the initiative
The four questions to ask before any shot
Thinking of the danger ball – what happens after my shot
Consider the Percentages

Clinic 4

Hampered/Tough Shots
Jump shots

Rule 9 – Interference
Rule 16.3 – Playing with Reasonable Dispatch

Be Ready to Play – Talking to partner.
Improving Partner’s position
Hampering Opponent’s stance
Psychological Warfare
Passing a Ball – When and Why
The Tie Breaker Hoop

If there are particular topics you would like covered the submit button below to send them in. I will try and put them in a clinic or set up additional clinics to cover them. 

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Click this link to get the 2022 Clinics Outline