Croquet is a great sport for all ages, offering a rare opportunity for men and women to play on equal terms with opponents, young or old. It is also a terrific activity for families.

Two types of croquet are played predominantly at our club: the first is golf croquet (GC) which is a great way to learn the basics of croquet without worrying about strategy and tactics. The second is the North American Six Wicket game of croquet using the rules of the United States Croquet Association (USCA). We also occasionally play Association Rules, which is the international version of 6 Wicket Croquet which is played else where in the world except the US.

You can enjoy the sport as a social activity within the club, and if you wish, you can visit other clubs for competition. You are not obligated to come on a regular basis as there are no set teams. New members are always welcome. 

If you are a beginner, our friendly coaches provide free instruction to teach you the basics and explain the rules. All you need to start are flat, smooth-soled shoes (no heels) to protect the turf. We can have you playing a game of golf croquet in about 15 minutes.

You will find that croquet is a very economical sport. The membership fees are reasonable and the club has complimentary mallets available for your use. Club membership includes a full individual membership in Croquet Canada. An attractive Affiliate Membership is also available to members of other croquet clubs.

If you see people on the greens please feel free to drop in and talk to us.

However, if you want to drop by please contact us first to arrange for a time when some one will be there to help you.  

Please do that by clicking the button and sending an email.

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