Rental Inquiries Welcome

Team building, company socials, birthday parties, weddings, family parties: we’ve hosted them all. Our Alexander Muir Park setting at the western Discovery Walk trailhead instills a special “summer in the city” relaxed enjoyment. The greens are equipped with floodlights for evening functions.

We have covered eating areas, benches and tables. We have no food services or beverages so some groups bring their own food while other have their event catered. One group even hired a food truck.
Parking is free in the lot east of the greens. The Lawrence subway station is four short blocks north of the Club.


Detailed information

Minimum and Maximum Number

Minimum – 10

Maximum -100


The fee is $30 per person.

We will send you an estimate based on the number of people that you tell us to expect. There is a minimum $300 event fee.

A deposit of $300 is required to be paid before the event booking will be considered confirmed. Once you have accepted the estimate, we will send you an invoice for the deposit. You can pay by credit card, e-Transfer, or by mailing us a cheque.

Your final fee will be based on a head count of the number of people who attend the event.

Payment options

Final payment (based on head count) can be paid immediately by cheque, or credit card. A “paid in full” invoice/receipt will be sent for your records.

Alternatively, an invoice will be sent to the organizer and payment can be made via cheque, credit card or etransfer.

Inclement Weather

We will contact you no later than 2 hours before the start of your event if there is a possibility of inclement weather to discuss cancelling or rescheduling the event.

You can suggest a rain date to us when you fill out the Event Inquiry form and that will help with the planning.

If, due to weather on the day of the event, it is cancelled, we will refund you your deposit. 

Cancellation policy – other than weather

If we have to cancel the event for any reason, we will refund your deposit.

If you cancel the event less than 24 hours before it is scheduled your deposit is not refundable.

Set up 

On the day of your event the gate by the parking lot will be open 1/2 hour before event start time the start time to permit set up.

Clean up

To permit cleanup you are allowed to remain on the premises for 30 minutes past your event stop time. You are responsible for removing all your garbage from the Club grounds  and cleaning up areas you have used. You should bring some garbage bags.

Instruction prior to and during play

We will provide an explanation of how to play Lawn Bowling and/or Croquet before play starts. Coaches will be available on the greens throughout play to help you out.

All equipment is provided.

Equipment set up and take down

Club volunteers will set up the greens for play. However, you may be asked to help move equipment from storage areas then help put it back at the end of the event.

Club Waiver

You are responsible for ensuring that all participants have signed the bulk waiver form. We will send you a copy of the waiver and waiver signature forms with the deposit invoice.

Have participants sign the bulk form before the event date. On the day of the event, appoint someone to ensure that all participants have signed the waiver. The completed bulk waiver form is to be given to the Club representative.

You can click this to download a copy of the waiver now

LCBO Permit

If you intend to serve alcohol, a LCBO permit is required. It is your responsibility to obtain this. A copy of the permit, and proof of liability insurance is to be given to the club representative. In addition, regulations require that a smart server be in attendance and identified to the Club representative.

If you need a diagram of the Club layout for the LCBO permit you can download it here


Footwear and clothing

It is mandatory that relatively flat soled shoes are worn on the greens. Shoes with heels are not allowed as they damage the greens. Most running shoes/sneakers are quite acceptable.

You can wear sandals or flip flops if you want. Just be aware that the greens may have been treated with pesticide or fertilizer within the last two weeks. As well, when playing Croquet if you get hit in the foot with a croquet ball it can really hurt if you are wearing sandals or flip flops.

Hats, sunscreen, and insect repellant (evening event) are recommended.

No food and drink on the greens

We want you to enjoy your party at our Club. However, spilled beverages kill the grass and food bits attract insects and critters which are not only annoying but also do considerable damage to the greens. Therefore, food and drinks are not allowed on the greens.

Kitchen area in main Club house/Picnic tables

You may use the counter areas to lay out your food and beverages. You may use the fridge in the main Club house and the secondary fridge in the storage shed.

Please provide your own dishes, glasses/cups, napkins and cutlery, etc.

You may use the microwave oven, but not the stove.

You may use the outdoor picnic tables and furniture.

 Washrooms/locker rooms/lockers

The Men’s locker room and washroom is on the side of the building closest to the tennis courts.  The Women’s locker room and washroom is in the side of the building closest to the parking lot.

You may use the locker rooms and place personal belongings in empty lockers. The Club is not responsible for any belongings left in the locker rooms.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the above information

Click here to fill out and submit the event request form to get started.

Our Events Coordinator will help schedule a date and answer any questions about your rental inquiries.