Welcome to the Club

We are excited you have joined us.

If you paid by credit card you are all finished.

If you are paying by ETransfer you still need to make the transfer. 

Log into your bank’s online or mobile banking site.
Choose Etransfer from the options.
Create a new etransfer recipient with treasurer@lawrenceparkclub.ca as the recipient email address.

If you are paying by Cheque

Make cheque payable to Lawrence Park Lawn Bowling & Croquet Club.

Bring the cheque to the club or mail it to:

Mary Kaye, Treasurer
101 Condor Avenue
Toronto ON
M4J 3N2

The Club website is where you can find out everything you need you need to know about the Club.  You will receive the Club Newsletter which contains news and updates about what is going on at the Club. The newsletter is sent using a bulk email system so it may go to your Bulk email or Spam folder. Please check these and make sure you mark the sending email as not spam.

The Events Calendar on the website is where you can find out the activities that are a happening at the club.

Most of the Club’s website is accessible by the public just by clicking on the menu items. However, there are areas that are only accessible by members. Just use your email address and the password you created when you registered, when you are asked to login.

The two areas you will probably be most interested in are Your Profile, where you can change /update  any of your information and the Member Directory where you can search for and find contact information for other members.  
You can find both of these in the main menu tab  – Member’s Area

There is a great email feature that allows you to send an email from your email directly to a member right from their contact page without having to leave the contact page!

We are looking forward to seeing you on the greens

If you have questions or problems email the Webmaster